Exotic Steak 4 Pack

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Product Description

One pack of each of the following steaks* ( 2 in each pack)

Zebra steaks

Zebra meat is sweeter than beef but still retains a game flavour. A deep red meat with a medium grain. 300g pack.

Reindeer Steak

Reindeer meat is a must try for all you venison lovers out there. Cooked medium rare the great flavour of the fillet steak is well worth sampling. 300g pack

Wildebeest Steak

Wildebeest Rump and fillet is extremely tender and full in texture. This is a deep red game meat with a distinctive game flavour. As a game meat it is low in fat and will take on the seasoning of cooking while still retaining its game flavour. 300g pack. These packs may be sent frozen, each pack of steaks contain two steaks.

Llama Steak

Llama is a rich gamey steak and should be cooked the same as you would beef.

*should any of the above not be available, we will send and alternative Exotic steak.


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