Steak Starter Pack

4 delicious steak packs for your tasting pleasure.
a pack of 2 Fillet Steaks
a pack of 2 Sirloin Steaks
a pack of 2 Rump Steaks
a pack of 2 Rib Eye Steaks.

We only use British and all our beef is sourced locally and hung to ensure tenderness with full taceabiltity.


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Product Description

All our Steaks are hung for 21-28 days to ensure tenderness and flavour. Fillet Steak is a firm favourite and the least exercised muscle in the body therefore remains tender. Sirloin is also a good British favourite, rumoured to get its name because King Henry the Eighth liked it so much he Knighted it!  Ribeye has natural fat to ensure moisture, succulence and flavour. Rump is a lean reliably tasty steak too.


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